Rules for publication



  1. UDC – universal decimal classification, (GRNTI code) state index of scientific and technical information.
  2. The name of the author(s) is indicated before the text, reflecting the affiliation with the place of work;

Information about the authors is indicated on a separate page in four languages (Kazakh, Russian, Turkish and English: academic degree, place of work, address,  mobile phone number, e-mail);

Author(s)’ name in four languages (in Kazakh, Russian and English, Turkish).

  1. The title of the article in four languages (in Kazakh, Russian, English and Turkish).
  2. Abstract in three languages (in Kazakh, Russian and English, at least 5-6 sentences). And if the article is in Turkish then in 4 languages.
  3. Keywords in three languages (in Kazakh, Russian and English, 7-8 words). And if the article is in Turkish then in 4 languages.
  4. The written text of the article. The main text should contain the goals, objectives of the article, the history of the issue, research methods, discussion of the results, the final sections.
  5. The list of references is written in the language of the article and in the form of Latin transliteration (References).
  6. The approximate volume of the article is not less than 8-10 pages. Parameters: the top.: 2; the lower: 2; the left: 2; the right.: 2. Font – 12, KZ Times New Roman. The article is handed in to editing on a paper and on an electronic medium. The article should be signed by all authors.
  7. The headline of the article should be concise and as accurate as possible to reflect the content. All articles are tested for anti-plagiarism (program “anti-Plagiarism”) and published only if the result of originality over 75%.
  8. References. The journal uses a consistent system of citation, i.e. the index number of the quoted source corresponding to the number in the reference list is indicated in square brackets in the article. In the reference list there should be: authors’ surname and initials, the title of a monograph, of a collection, of a journal (the name of periodicals written with // (fraction)), city, publisher, year of publication, volume, number and total number of pages of the cited work.
  9. Article shall comply with all the standards of ethics. Also, in the article has to be a literature, included in Elsevier, G-Store, Thomson Reuters database and should mandatorily be pointed out a link. You should also refer to the articles published in the journal «Bulletin of Yasawi University».
  10. Illustrations must be mentioned in the text. They are placed in accordance with the author’s wishes. Their location should be noted in the text (footnote on page fields: Fig. 1, etc.). They are performed on a computer with designation of necessary letters and symbols. Formulas and letters are typed on the computer. Tables should have titles and must be mentioned in the text. Formulas and letter designations are typed on a computer. Tables should be with headings and must be referred to the context in the text.
  11. 13. Articles from all organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Turkey and from other countries as well are accepted for publication.
  12. Information on acceptance or rejection of the article is reported to the author within 2 months.
  13. Scientific articles are sent to production after a “blind” review by University scientists and the decision of the editorial Board. The editors are not responsible for the content of the published material.

Articles are edited by the editorial staff and they are not given back to authors.

The article is published on a paid basis. Payment – 15.000 (fifteen) thousand tenge.